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i'm in love with detroit robotix.

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♥ kate
♥ 18!
♥ the crab
♥ (maybe it's because i'm) currently a londoner
♥ + customising, cold baths, good music, long drives, gigs, sunset, laughter, love, cuddles, cups of tea [as made by richard], memories, mixtapes, jelly babies, guitars, walking, quirkyness, snail mail, most other people, him, posters, photos, south wales, home comforts, far away places, feeling lost, inspiration, accents, driving at night, dancing, colours, winter
♥ - humid weather, bad music, being drunk, crowdsurfers, scenebois, tears, heartbreak, cold shoulders, shouting, lazy people, some people, her, south england, having a download limit, dogging [despite what anyone says]
♥ "THE ACE OF DIAMONDS!!1" - <3 for my awesome friends.
you are the answer.